Spartan International School Online Registration Form

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  • LKG Admission Instructions

    Please ensure the following documents are ready for online application

    • Children born in the year 2013 are only eligible. Cut off date is 31st December 2013. 
    • The applicants should preferably reside within 3 KMs in and around the school. 
    • The DOB Certificate to be uploaded must be issued either in the same year the child was born or the following year; applications with DOB Certificates with issue dates in recent past may be subject to further verification and liable for rejection.
    • The Proof of residence should not be less than 3 months old on the date of applying.
    • If you are applying for your second child when the first child is studying in a school other than Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, the Management reserves its right to accept or reject the application.
    • There will be a physical verification of the details given in the form by the school authorised persons. No prior intimation will be given about the date and time of verification. Three chances will be given for this verification process, if all the three times if the verification process fails then your application form shall be rejected and no claim whatsoever will be entertained.

    Kindly go through the following points in detail which will make you comfortable while you apply online.

    1. Recent individual photographs of parents and ward(s) applying for in JPG or PNG format not more than 1 month old with date of photograph taken ON the photograph.

    2. Height / Weight of your ward(s) as of today. Height in feet and inches and Weight in Kgs.
    3. Parents should have a working mobile number for which a verification code will be sent during the registration process.
    4. Email address of both parents should be created and ready. Downloadable application form will be sent to this email once the application process is complete. Please be sure to enter your correct email address.
    5. For Existing Parents please keep any one Existing student ID number.
    6. Scanned picture of any one below for age proof and address proof in JPEG / PNG format.
        For Age Proof (any one)
        (a) Birth Certificate
        (b) Hospital / Auxiliary and Midwife register
        (c) Anganwadi record

        For Address proof (any one)
        (a) Family card
        (b) Voter ID card
        (c) Aadhar ID card
        (d) Driving license
        (e) Bank passbook
        (f) Telephone bill
        (g) PAN card
        (h) Certificate of Residence issued by VAO
         (i) ID card issued by State Govt. / Central Govt. /Public Sector Undertakings.

    7.  For Children with special needs - A medical certificate to support this should be available in JPG or PNG format
    8. If you belong to any category other than OC / FC / Transgender you would be required to upload a community certificate in JPG or PNG format.
    9. If salary of the parent is less than 2 Lakhs per year you would require to upload a  income certificate to help us process your application under RTE.

    General Tips:
    1. The application form might require about 30 minutes of your time.
    2. Please ensure that the file sizes of each uploaded photo or document does not exceed 1MB for photographs and 10 mb for documents for age and address proofs. If you need to reduce the size of the picture you can use the website to reduce the size and then upload the picture as it would be faster.
    3. Please have Adobe reader installed on your system and ensure it is working. The submitted application form will be available for download in Adobe PDF format upon completion.
    You can download Adobe Reader from the following link
    4. Please upload photographs in proper orientation. Uploading a picture that is displayed sideways will be harder for authorities to process.
    5. The preferred browser is Chrome. If you are having issues with other browsers please try Chrome.